1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.

2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted

3. Public recess

4. Approval of minutes of meeting 20th June 2022.

5. Action Points

6. Review and approve/offer suggestions to WARP on the proposed Management Plan of new lease area. See additional information.

7. Cllrs to provide any initial feedback on budget items required for 2023/24 budget.

8. Parishing progress – no items

Parish appearance & safety:

9. Request for a new planter at the Liddington end of Badbury. Planter to be supplied for free, need to get SBC Highways approval (small cost involved) and buy soil and plants etc.

10. Approval of planting of spring bulbs costing £77.00 and a Christmas tree (donated by the gardening club) on the New Road site opposite the war memorial. See additional information.

Building & amenity priorities

Tennis club

11. Tennis Club representative to update Committee

12. Vote on approval of cancelling annual court inspection for 2023 as new court surface due to be laid in Autumn.

Football club

13. Football Club representative to update Committee

14. Pavilion – no items


15. Request from allotment plot 9B to be able to remove apple trees. See additional information.

16. Request from plot 13B to remove large pieces of concrete/brick from the plot so they can work the ground. Quote of £150 plus VAT from Allbuild. Photos shared on MS Teams. Too large for handyman to deal with.

Rec hall, ground & car park

17. Review and approve quote for cutting back trees and shrubbery on Rec field, behind Hodson Road. See additional information.

Chapel and graveyard:

18. Review quote to repair chapel window, until major project works are undertaken. See additional information.

19. Approve additional handyman hours to work on Butts Road cemetery (item requested by Cllr Harris)

20. Approval of updated cemetery documents. See additional information.

21. Approve quote to re-paint chapel doors. (Funds allocated in 2022/23 budget for this work). See additional information.

22. Review and approve vote for re-painting lower level of chapel and museum in lime mortar. See additional information.

23. Request from History Group to be able to plant a small rowan or crab apple tree in the Butts Road cemetery for the Queen’s Jubilee year.

24. Castle View Play area. Review initial costs for skate park equipment to see if the plan is viable and give direction for further investigation if required. See additional information.

Community priorities: Youth Club

25. Review progress to date and approve advert for Youth Worker. See additional information.

26. Vulnerable people – no items

27. Items for inclusion on next agenda (cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)