The Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting for CHISELDON will be held
at The Recreation Hall, off Norris Close, Chiseldon on Monday 13th May 2019 at 7.30pm

Local Government electors for the Town will be entitled to vote at the Meeting which will be open to the public.

The business to be transacted at the Meeting will be as follows:-

  1. To elect a new Chair person for the forthcoming year.
  2. New Chair to sign the Acceptance of Office.
  3. Apologies and declarations of interest
  4. Vote in new Vice Chair
  5. Co-option of New Councillors by vote
  6. New Councillors to sign Acceptance of Office
  7. To approve the Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council on 21st May 2018.
  8. Review action points.

Annual Committee and Chairs reports were presented at the 29th April Annual Parish Meeting. These are available on the Parish Council website or on request to the Clerk.
(Any Swindon Borough Council annual reports from Ward Councillors will be reported on the website.)

  1. Review and approve code of conduct
  2. Review and approve Standing orders
  3. Review and approve Financial Regulations
  4. Terms of Reference for Finance, EGPA and Planning Committee to be revieved & approved
  5. Elect members to sub committees
  6. Elect members to outside groups if needed
  7. Public Questions
  8. Any other business