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To develop our Neighbourhood Plan, we need to gather information on local housing needs. Please help guide us by completing the survey below. Thank you!

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 31st January 2021 recording


Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 13th December 2021 recording


Chiseldon Neighbourhood Development Plan Powerpoint


Please find below the Chiseldon Neighbourhood Development Plan Powerpoint document.

Chiseldon Neighbourhood Development Plan pptx.

Supporting notes from 13.12.21 Neighbourhood Plan (NHP) meeting. Chiseldon House Hotel with Andrea Pellegram

  • The NHP can take 2-3 years to prepare
  • At the beginning of the process is the creative stage with the community. The end stage is when the plan is voted on in a referendum.
  • There will need to be assessments carried out that relate to the area – habitat and environmental etc
  • The NHP was created as part of the Localism Act 2011.
  • The CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) portion that a Parish Council receive from any new development will increase from 15% to 25% with a “made” NHP.
  • The NHP will be trying to influence emerging Swindon Borough Council (SBC) planning policy.
  • The NHP will alert developers as to what the parish is looking to see in proposed new developments.
  • The NHP will assist Chiseldon Parish Council (CPC) when determining any new planning applications. Decisions will have more meaning.
  • Can help CPC prioritize infrastructure needs – can make better use of CIL.
  • It can’t be used to object to SBC’s allocated housing designation.
  • It can’t fight against an SBC planning policy – can only work within it.
  • It can’t deal with non-planning issues.
  • It can’t override other statutory bodies – Environment agency for example.
  • The next SBC Local Plan review runs to 2036. The Chiseldon NHP would run for the same time period.
  • The designated land area known as LA22 off Hodson Road was discussed – see presentation and recording.
  • The NHP can direct exactly how this new development would be designed – down to the types of trees planted and the type of park equipment.
  • The NHP can effect the number and type of affordable housing.

Neighbourhood plan public briefing


Our Consultant Andrea Pellegram( will be holding this open session to explain the Neighbourhood Plan process and what it means for the Parish. The plan will cover the whole parish and provides guidelines on future development.

Your input is vital for this plan to succeed.

Monday 13th December 2021. Chiseldon House Hotel, New Road, Chiseldon. 7.00pm.

Contact for more information.


Neighbourhood Plan public event with Andrea Pellegram


Location: Chiseldon House Hotel, New Road, Chiseldon
Date: 13th December 7pm