Grass cutting in 2 cemeteries

The contractors who are responsibly for the grass at the two cemeteries have advised that due to the sudden growing spurt (from rain and then sun) the grass was very long which meant the self mulching mowers could not work as effectively as they normally do. We are looking at this with the contractors to… read more

Noise from light aircraft

Please be advised that our Ward Councillors have already investigated the issue with air craft noise around the Parish coming from the airfield. There isn’t any course of action that the Parish Council or Swindon Borough Council can take in the short or long term as no laws are being broken, and the land that… read more

Parish Office closure notice

The Parish Clerks office will not be open Friday 3rd June due to holiday.  It will be open on all other scheduled opening times.   These are: Wednesday 8.30 to 12.00, Thursday 8.30 to 12.00 and Friday 8.30 to 11.30.  

Bobby Van Trust

Just a reminder that the Bobby Van trust can help anyone elderly, vulnerable or disabled with home security. Please see their website for details. Thanks

Three Trees Farm Shop taster day – Sat 4th June

The Three Trees Farm Shop and Café will be hosting a Taster Day on Saturday, 4th June from 10.00am until 3.00pm.  There will be ice cream, cakes, fudge, relishes, pickles and drinks to try, amongst many other delicious samples. Three Trees – Taster Day – 4th June 2016

Public survey on planters in the village

Public opinion wanted please: The Parish Council are discussing flower planters in the Parish and wanted parishioners opinion please: 1) Should the PC finance some planters? 2) Do we think they will be vandalised? 3) Where shall we put them?… 4) There will need a certain amount of maintenance and watering – would anyone like… read more