Outline application for up to 30no. dwellings. – Access not reserved. | Land Between New Road And The Ridgeway Chiseldon Swindon

The Parish Council will publish more information as we receive it.

New Road planning application


On 11th September the Parish Council submitted their most recent objection to this proposed application.
Click here and choose on our comments to view the document in full.

If a revised application is submitted by the developer then Chiseldon Parish Council will review the plans and submit a further comment.

You may also be interested in the following SBC link with regards to the SHELAA (Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment) and Local Plan consultation which includes 3 areas within Chiseldon and 1 at Badbury.


Refusal of Planning Permission


The outline planning application for 30 dwellings to be built on the land between New Road and the Ridgeway, Chiseldon Swindon has been refused. View the full Swindon Borough Council letter for more information.