Erection of 2no. drive thru units (Use Classes A1/A3/A5) with circulatory routes, access, associated car parking, landscaping and other associated works | Land Off The A346 Chiseldon Swindon SN4 0NR

The Parish Council will publish more information as we receive it.

The North Wessex Downs AONB will be sending the following comments to SBC:


No landscape assessment, proposed landscape scheme very poor in that it simply tries to hide the scheme with trees and hedging.

Ecological assessment is basic and none of the additional work noted in the plan has been done.

No Archaeological assessment done.

Lighting report does not identify the Environmental Zone (EZ) for the existing site in terms of light levels nor does it identify the new EZ ones lights are installed and the potential effects of this in terms of landscape and ecology.

Poor design, large glazed units where light will spill out. No thought to cumulative impact in terms of existing petrol station and Farm shop and yet another priority right turning or the illuminated signs that come hand in hand with these type of developments.

Esso drive-thru planning application


On 14th October the Parish Council discussed and voted on their response back to SBC on this application. The decision was to object to this application and the following comments were sent over: Click here for the full report back to Swindon Borough Council