Household waste in public rubbish bins

You may or may not know that the Parish Council is responsible for the weekly rubbish bin emptying. Our contractor has recently reported that bins are often filling up and overflowing on their weekly rounds due to people placing household rubbish in the bins. Whilst we applaud every effort to keep rubbish from being thrown… read more

Update on Butts Road resurfacing

Due to the materials of the original road surface a different approach needs to be taken when re-surfacing the road. The work has therefor been re-scheduled with a batch of similar works which are due to start at the end of summer.

Home security advice

After a recent attempted break in at Chiseldon whilst the residents were at home, please remember to lock your doors and windows even when you are at home. Make sure vehicle keys are not left in view of doors and windows, and make sure vehicles are locked even when you are at home.

Police warn of home and car theft increases

PC Nick Payne said:  We are currently experiencing burglaries to properties across “Swindon, the areas of Rodbourne, Gorse Hill and Rodbourne Cheney are particularly affected. Please make sure that your homes are secure, make sure all doors and windows are locked. If you see any suspicious activity please call “Swindon police on 101 or 999… read more

Police information on keeping safe in the event of a terrorist attack.

This week, Wiltshire Police is running a social media campaign to inform the public about how they can help keep themselves and their local community safe in the rare event of a terrorist incident. The current threat to the UK from international terrorism remains ‘severe’ meaning an attack is highly likely. Therefore, it is important… read more