Dog Fouling on New Road verges

New Road grass verges seem to have a problem with dog fouling at the moment. Please please please can everyone bring bags with them and clear up after their dogs. If anyone knows someone not on this Facebook page who might not know the dangers of dog mess to human’s – please advise them of… read more

Fly tipping at Ladysmith Road and Car park near Farm Shop

We have been notified that these 2 incidents of fly tipping have now been cleared by SBC. Please keep reporting any issues so we can get them dealt with. The Parish Council can clear small loads, but we need to report to SBC for large loads to be cleared.  

Fly tipping at Ladysmith Road

Ward Cllr Eric Shaw has updated us with regards to the fly tipped rubbish that remains on Ladysmith Road – “Unfortunately the due date is by the 19/01/2017, I can only ask if it can be done earlier given its location” We will update you if we hear any more from SBC on this.

Allotment Plots

From January the Parish Council may have some allotment plots free to rent. If you would like a plot or like to be put on the waiting list (first come first served basis) then please email

How to order additional Recycling boxes

To order additional boxes contact SBC on 01793 445500 and make your request.  You will be given a reference number. You can then wait approx 2 weeks for the boxes to be delivered to your home, or go to the recycling centre at Chaney Manor and collect them using your reference number.

Changes to waste collection days from 31st Oct

Changes to waste collection days to start next week Residents are being asked to ensure they have read important information from Swindon Borough Council regarding potential changes to the day their household waste, recycling and garden waste is collected. From next Monday (31 October), new waste collection routes will come into force which will affect… read more

Dog bins

A reminder that on our “Local Community” page of this website there is a list of the 16 dog waste bins that the Parish Council provide for use. Please familiarise yourself with this list.  Many thanks

Eastern Villages Planning obligation document available to view.

We have a large document in the Butts Road Chapel relating to the New Eastern Villages Planning obligations. It contains a revised draft supplimentary planning document, illustrative master plan, village proformas, and infrastructure requirements. There is a public consultation available until 18th August. The document can be viewed during the Parish office opening hours, or… read more

Grass cutting in 2 cemeteries

The contractors who are responsibly for the grass at the two cemeteries have advised that due to the sudden growing spurt (from rain and then sun) the grass was very long which meant the self mulching mowers could not work as effectively as they normally do. We are looking at this with the contractors to… read more