Canney Close Hedge update

Update: At the request of a concerned resident in Canney Close we asked that SBC look at the hedges to ensure a clear visibility splay when exiting the road onto New Road. Whilst the work does look quiet severe, and on behalf of the Parish Council and the Borough Council I would like to offer… read more

Option for broadband within Chiseldon

The Parish Council have been asked to make residents aware of the scheme below. We are happy to provide this information but must state that the Parish Council does not endorse this or any other scheme.   If anyone has details of other viable schemes in the area we will also publish them here. Residents should… read more

Police reminder on keeping homes and property secure

The Parish Council have been reminded by the local Police to ask all Parishioners to continue to be vigilant in regards to making sure house doors and windows are locked, making sure vehicles are secure, and likewise all outbuildings are secure. The Police will continue to maintain a presence in the village but all residents… read more

Contact details for Robert Buckland MP

“Robert Buckland is your local MP.  If you would like to make an appointment to raise a local or national issue with him, please do not hesitate to contact his office on 01793 533393 or send an email to”