We’ve collected together information that we hope parishioners will find useful. If there’s something you would like us to include, please let us know. You may also find the resources and information at chiseldon.info to be helpful.

Please note that the Parish Council is not responsible for the content of external sites.


Maps are available for the Butts Road Cemetery and Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden. These show names and plot numbers of each grave. We are also in the process of tabulating the information.

Community Clubs and Leisure Activities

There is a range of sporting, leisure and social activities taking place within the community. Please let us know of any additions we should make, or changes to the existing list:

Clubs and Functions Contact Name Contact number
Clubs and Functions: 1st Chiseldon Air Scouts & Cubs; Hercules Beavers Contact Name: Chris Rawlings Contact number: 740047
Clubs and Functions: 100 Club Contact Name: Nick Swannell Contact number: 740105
Clubs and Functions: Chiseldon Football Club Contact Name: Matthew Clarke Contact number: 513513 07850 040475
Clubs and Functions: Friends of Holy Cross Contact Name: Colin Wilkins Contact number: 790756
Clubs and Functions: Gardening Club Contact Name: Richard Matthews Contact number: 740022
Clubs and Functions: Good Neighbours Contact Name: Margaret Goddard Contact number: 740795
Clubs and Functions: History Group Contact Name: Elaine Jones Contact number: 740784
Clubs and Functions: Mothers Union Contact Name: Rosemary Hancock Contact number: 740401
Clubs and Functions: Parochial Church Council Contact Name: Doreen Swannell Contact number: 740105
Clubs and Functions: Poetry + Prose Group Contact Name: Tricia Sharp Contact number: 740403
Clubs and Functions: Primary School Contact Name: Spencer Allen (headmaster) Contact number: 740349
Clubs and Functions: Primary School PTA Contact Name: Liz Leckie Contact number: 741213
Clubs and Functions: Royal British Legion Contact Name: John Perrett Contact number: 740687
Clubs and Functions: Shoebox team Contact Name: Kath Poynter Contact number: 741487
Clubs and Functions: Silver Threads Contact Name: Barbara Herron Contact number: 740800
Clubs and Functions: Tennis Club Contact Name: Contact website Contact number: 740031
Clubs and Functions: Women’s Institute Contact Name: Doreen Swannell Contact number: 740105

Transport and driving links

Emergency Services

Local Business

We hope to build up a list of local businesses that may be of service to residents. Please note that inclusion on our list does not constitute an endorsement.

Rubbish, recycling and dog bins

If you come across potentially hazardous waste – needles being an important example – please ring Swindon Borough Council Customer Services on 01793 445501. It can then be dealt with immediately.

Swindon Borough Council publishes details of all wheelie bin, garden waste and recycling box collections on their website. Just enter your postcode!

They also publish a page listing all of their household waste recycling centres – complete with maps.

The Parish Council provides a total of 16 bins for dog owners to deposit waste from their pets. The following maps show the approximate location of these bins:

Please use these bins to dispose of waste from your pets and help us keep the Parish clean and safe. Dog waste can also be double bagged and put in general waste bins or household waste.


The Hamlet of Badbury is within the boundary of Chiseldon Parish, and as such parish matters relating to Badbury are dealt with by Chiseldon Parish Council which is the first tier of local government consisting of elected or co-opted members.

Your current elected Parish Councillor is Denise Rogers and she can be contacted on denise.rogers@chiseldon-pc.gov.uk.

Badbury is also with the Ridgeway Ward whereas the rest of Chiseldon Parish is within the Chiseldon and Lawn ward.

Your current elected Ward Cllr for Ridgeway is Gary Sumner and he can be contacted via gary@ridgewayvillages.co.uk

Ward Cllr Gary Sumner – representing Badbury as part of the Ridgeway Ward. https://www.ridgewayvillages.co.uk/

A parish is defined as: A small country area in England which has its own elected council.

A ward is defined as: An administrative division of a city or borough that typically elects and is represented by a councillor or councillors.